Every dog deserves to be in a loving home

At Polk County Bully Project we believe that we can end breed discrimination and cruelty by working together through education and community support.

Whether you’re ready to adopt, foster, donate or volunteer, you can make a difference for Pit Bulls and all Bully Breed dogs in Polk County, Florida. 


Make Polk County Pit-Friendly

Polk County is the #1 Kill County in Florida.

The mass killing of dogs that are innately good is much more than an animal welfare issue - it’s a social issue. We believe we can end discrimination and cruelty when we work together. 

Whether you’re able to donate, foster, adopt, or simply educate yourself and others, you can make a difference for pit bulls and all of Polk County.

How to Support the Bully Project

Adoption Stories

Nina found her forever home in Canada! (with image)

Another one

Another one

Featured Dogs


Staffy Mix Adult Male

JHercules is a strong sweet  fellow that loves to give kisses. He wants to play ball and hang out in the AC after. He is about 2 years old.


Lab Mix

Young Female

What a doll Nikki is!! She is a sweet kissy face snuggler and great companion dog. She loves to hang out with you and would make an excellent running buddy. She is good with others. Good with children.


American Bulldog Mix

Adult Male

Gaston is a big boy with a heart of Gold. He loves everyone and is such a friendly fellow. He would make a great family dog. He is good with other dogs just wants to play!


American Bulldog Curr Mix 

Adult  Female  Large 

Gorgeous Bridgette needs an adopter to step up for her! She LOVES people and likes smaller male dogs that are calmer with appropriate introductions. She is a no with cats but good with kids.